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Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati's


Amravati, Maharashtra state - 444603

(Affiliated to MNC & MSBNPE Mumbai, MUHS Nashik and INC New Delhi)

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Fee, Cancellation/withdrawal of Admission

Selected candidates should pay fee within the prescribed date, and if fails, his / her admission stands cancelled. Refund of fee is made by the institute when candidate cancels admission due to any reason before cutoff date of institution except admission fee & application form fee. If the candidate withdraw / cancels admission after cutoff date from apex body or any point of time due to any reason, the candidate must pay the fee of entire course / subsequent years against cancellation / withdrawal of admission.

According to norms of INC New Delhi, the students are admitted / promoted to higher class irrespective of their results. Hence, prescribed fee must be paid by all students before commencement of every academic year including those who are applied for scholarship. If fails, the student has to bear late fee as per the institutional policies.