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Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati's


Amravati, Maharashtra state - 444603

(Affiliated to MNC & MSBNPE Mumbai, MUHS Nashik and INC New Delhi)

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Mentor & Mentee (MM) Scheme

Mentor & Mentee (MM) Scheme of our institute is well functioning to promote mentoring the relationship between teacher and students and to share & learn from each other’s gifts and talents.

Aims and objectives of Mentor & Mentee (MM) Scheme

  • To promote mentoring the relationship between Mentor (teacher) and Mentee (students) and to encourage the activities of both the parties

  • To expose the Mentee to role models so as to learn through the success of Mentors

  • To enhance Mentee’s educational, social and personal growth through learning from the experiences of Mentors

  • To maintain a close link between the institute and students

  • To enable Mentors to keep in touch with students life and institutional developments through interaction with Mentees

The Governing Members of Mentor & Mentee (MM) Scheme

Sr.No. Names Designation
1 Dr. Veda Vivek Principal
2 Mr. Sudnyan Gawaie Vice-principal
3 Mr. Jils Suresh Course Co-ordinator
4 Mrs. Arunima Gaikwad Clinical Instructor